03.04.2024  |  News

Progress of construction work in March: From rainwater retention basin to topping-out ceremony

We were also able to make considerable progress on our construction sites in March. We present these below in our monthly update.

The wind farm site made great strides forward. In the last month, wind turbines 5 and 6 out of a total of 8 have been completed. These two turbines are now being connected to the grid.

An important milestone has been passed at the electrolysis construction site. Following the installation of the supports and girders as well as the portal crane track in the electrolysis building at the beginning of the month, the topping-out ceremony for the building was celebrated on 21 March in the presence of all partners. The concreting of the floor slab and walls then began. The electrolysis building will form the outer shell of the electrolyser. Progress was also made in the construction of the power station. Following the start of the masonry work the previous month, the pouring and installation of the slab floors was completed in March. Work has also started on the walls of the outbuilding. In parallel to this, water played a key role on the construction site. Both the rainwater retention basin and the extinguishing water basin were installed last month. In addition, construction work has begun on the discharge into the Würdebach (a local stream) and the construction site now has a drinking water connection. The connection to supply site water was already created in February.