Technical concept

Testing the entire green hydrogen value chain for the first time

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As a real-life laboratory for the energy transition, the Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park is the first such facility designed to test the entire green hydrogen value chain, from the generation of renewable energy from wind power to its conversion into green hydrogen, storage and transport through to the use of green hydrogen on an industrial scale. The successful combination of production, transport, storage, marketing and utilisation of green hydrogen is regarded as a central component of a secure, sustainable and economical energy supply for the future.

Hydrogen production

The first step along the green hydrogen value chain is its production. Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysing water with electricity from renewable energy sources. In addition to a large-scale electrolysis plant of up to 30 megawatts, a wind farm with modern wind turbines is being built in the immediate vicinity of the Park. The unique combination of large-scale electrolysis and wind farm at the Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park produces climate-neutral hydrogen.

Hydrogen storage & transport

Hydrogen storage & transport The second step in the green hydrogen value chain is its storage and transport. With underground hydrogen storage in salt caverns, the Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park is set to become the first green hydrogen storage facility. The green hydrogen will then be transported via a converted natural gas pipeline. This means that parts of the existing gas infrastructure can be utilised sustainably.

Marketing and utilisation of hydrogen

The commercialisation and use of green hydrogen is the final step in its value chain. In order to supply the green hydrogen produced at the Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park to potential customers, possible business models are being developed, analysed and optimised. The final utilisation of green hydrogen will be in the chemical industry based in Central Germany in particular and, in the long term, also in mobility solutions.